What are Modulign orthotics?

Featuring a patented clip-in wedge system and unique deep heel cup, Modulign is the customisable orthotic of choice for an accurate fit within minutes.

While most orthotics only offer basic arch support, Modulign’s patented modular arch system has been combined with a unique deep heel cup to provide superior arch support and rearfoot correction and control. Modulign’s customisable orthotics are easy to modify and can be finalised during the consultation, delivering a better result for both patient and practitioner.

What are Modulign orthotics made from?


Why should I choose Modulign orthotics?

Modulign orthotics are designed to ensure ultimate support and control of the foot and ankle. Our patented modular arch support system with clip-in wedges provides optimal correction, support, and comfort, resulting in a better fit for the patient.

Unlike other customised orthotics that use heat moulding, Modulign orthotics can be adjusted during the consultation and reviewed for dynamic alignment (walking), then rectified to match. This ensures that a more comfortable and accurate correction can be achieved with the orthotic, regardless of the activity they’re worn for. 

The clip-in modular wedge system also allows the device to be continually modified, depending on the level of support needed for changes in age, weight, activity levels and lifestyle. Choosing a Modulign orthotic offers patients and practitioners a more affordable, superior product that can stand the test of time. 

Who can use a Modulign orthotic?

Anyone can wear a Modulign orthotic.

A Modulign orthotic can provide support or correction for a variety of foot postures, from those with significantly flat feet (pes planus) to those with a high arch (pes cavus). The different-sized wedges allow adjustments to the midfoot, medial rearfoot and lateral rearfoot, ensuring that correct alignment is maintained. Wedges can then be trialled with further adjustments until optimal comfort, support and correction is obtained for the patient.

How are Modulign orthotics fitted?

Modulign orthotics should be fitted by a licensed practitioner who is experienced in fitting this type of orthotic.

The foot is measured and a suitably sized orthotic selected, then chosen wedges are clipped into different sections of the device to adjust the level of support. The Modulign orthotic is inserted into the shoe and the alignment and support reviewed with the patient. Wedges can then be removed and adjusted until optimal comfort, support and correction is obtained.

When should Modulign orthotics be worn?

Modulign orthotics should be worn when completing any physical activity or if you’re on your feet for prolonged periods of time.

Modulign orthotics can be transferred from one shoe to another but may require adjustment depending on the amount of support each pair of shoes provides. It can be beneficial to have multiple pairs of orthotics for different shoes.

What sizes do Modulign orthotics come in?

Modulign orthotics currently come in 3 different sizes – small, medium, and large.

How long do Modulign orthotics last?

Modulign orthotics are designed to last longer than an average pair of shoes. Even with regular use, most people should get at least 12 months wear from a pair of Modulign orthotics. Modulign orthotics also have a 30-day warranty.

If you change or replace your shoes and the Modulign orthotics are uncomfortable, we recommend visiting your practitioner to have them adjusted or replaced as needed.   

How do you clean Modulign orthotics?

Simply wash the orthotics in cold or warm water with a small amount of detergent, followed by a rinse with water. Wipe them dry with a towel and insert back into your shoes.

What if I stop using my Modulign orthotics?

Please do not discontinue use of your Modulign orthotics without first consulting with your practitioner. Stopping use of your orthotics against medical advice can lead to pain or reinjury.

If your Modulign orthotics are uncomfortable or causing pain, they may need to be readjusted by your practitioner for a more comfortable fit.

Are Modulign orthotics safe to use?

Yes. Modulign orthotics are designed to improve alignment and offer superior support, so it may take a few days for your feet to get used to them. If they’re still not comfortable after one week, we recommend returning to your practitioner to have them adjusted, which may require increasing or decreasing the level of support.

Where did the idea for Modulign come from?

Having spent the last 10 years custom-making orthotics, the founder of Modulign Geoff Dowling identified a gap in the market for an affordable customised orthotic that could provide deep heel support and be easily adjusted in real time. 

With a strong belief that such a product could be used to avoid unnecessary bulky braces and even surgery, he was driven to create a customisable orthotic that would provide superior support and a more accurate fit.  

After extensive research and development, Geoff devised Modulign, a highly customisable orthotic with a patented arch system and deep heel cup. The intelligent design with clip-in wedges means the Modulign orthotic is modifiable to even the flattest of feet, leaving patients with a more natural, comfortable fit.

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Register with Modulign orthotics and find a better fit for your patients.

Register with Modulign orthotics and find a better fit for your patients.

Register with Modulign orthotics and find a better fit for your patients.


"Modulign orthotics have started a new class of their own between the prefabricated products that exist on shelves, and the custom product that specialists can prescribe. Filling the gap in the market with an affordable, time-effective product that can be fitted immediately, Modulign gives clients a superior clinical experience and outcome."

Noura Tashakor
Sales & Marketing Director, Modulign

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